Monday, March 7, 2011

Black and yellow....

Yeah you know what it is. Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow.

Yep. Pretty much been singing that song since yesterday when we painted our dresser - you guessed and yellow. We are thugs.

You see once upon a time there lived an adorable bachelor man. Who had some not-so-adorable friends who left a sugary drink on his dresser. The drink sat and sat until it leaked it's sugary goo all over the dresser. And what did the adorable bachelor man do? Put packing tape over the mess. Many many strips of packing tape. Oy vey.

Well, the dresser came with the man when we said I do. And I just knew that with a little sanding, perhaps a razor and a little cursing of the day when the the packing tape was put on this could be fixed.

This little project cost about $15 for paint and half of a Sunday afternoon. And, once again, a piece of furniture has stolen my heart.

Unfortunately in all my excitement to paint I did NOT take a before picture. Serious fail....but luckily, our dresser looked like many a dressers so I'll just show you a picture of a dresser tha resembled our before picture.

And here she is now. In all of her sunshiney glory.

Haha do you see the part where I put the handles back on the wrong way? Ugh. Gotta fix that. But anyways, there it is:)