Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

Well - its been way too long since Ive posted anything on here!

Unfortunately, not much is new to post by way of house decor. I like to post little projects josh and I are working on, but we havent done much - except update our super old 80s light fixture - which is actually a big deal to me.

We currently have a pile of ceiling fan parts in the corner of our living room that Josh plans on getting to soon. Yay to updating fixtures:)

This month I made the mistake of stepping into Anthropologie. OH MY. If I could buy up a whole store besides target - it would be anthropoligie. And I am not talking their clothes, although I do like their clothes. But mostly their stylish household items! Holy cow, I love everything about their decorating.

Just look....

Aprons: If I had 40 dollars to spend on an apron - I'd spend it here...so cute.

and tiles. If I knew how to tile things I would use these tiles and make a cool something with tiles.

and monogrammed mugs....now these are actually pretty affordable, $6. And SO cute. I swear if you put an L on anything I would buy it. Is that narcissistic? I just think the letter L is pretty and lukcily, is the first letter of my name.

And tea towells. I just like these. And they sure beat my boring blue "ross special" tea towells. But alas, tea towells from ross get a job done and so I am not complainng - just saying, that in high school these tea towells would be cheerleaders and ross tea towells would be in the marching band.

And a sweater clock. Oy vey. A cozy little clock. So cute. I know it's kinda weird, to add a clock to a sweater, but it's not as if the sweater is to be worn. Just hung on your wall. And its not like the clock has sleeves, just the material is sweater-y.Ok, I am going to stop defending the coolness of the sweater clock.

And on that random note - I am off to make dinner. It's pizza + biggest loser night for us! I know, kind of ironic - but the pizza is mildly healthy version from trader joe's so don't judge!