Thursday, November 4, 2010

too many options....

I have been feeling totally overwhelmed by the blogosphere lately.

I mean - were there not a jillion halloween craft ideas??!! I wanted to do every one.

And when I have to many options - I freeze. And so, I have avoided blogs lately for fear that my mind will explode.

Is this just me? Probably. This happened to me during wedding planning as well - there are entirely too many creative people posting stuff on the internet and I would get LOST in ideas. I wanted it all. So I had to pull back.

So the last few weeks have been me pulling back on all things creative. To refresh myself. And remind myself to not swallow the ugly pill of comparison.

So anyways I am back from my break. Ready to set some boundaries on the amount of blog stalking I do and not get distracted by every little project.

So with that - here is the cutest bathroom I ever did see.

How fun is that yellow? If I could paint a stright line - I would so attempt this.

I know what you're thinking. Did I really just take a blogging break only to come back with a picture of a toilet? It's true.