Monday, September 27, 2010

monday makeover!

Because I saw an UH-mazing makeover on Thrifty Decor Chick and it has me dreaming of spray paint and craigslist.

Even though I have no china cabinet I do have a pretty sad looking dresser that could use some serious love.

Yes - they re-did this thing with FIVE cans of red spray paint. And they added glaze which I think adds a touch of class.

I think I am declaring it Makeover Monday.

I also think I am in love.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Nook

For my birthday this year - Josh, his grandpa and his dad worked together to build me a window seat!

I have been wanting a built in-type thing for a little nook we have in our house. It's kind of an awkward space really, but I felt it had potential and I love the idea of a little reading nook.

The box opens up for storage as well so now, I will be able to hide crap....I stuff in there in a neat and organized way:) Yes.

Anyways, it's a work in progress as I still have to cover it with some fun fabric. And we have to put back some baseboards - but in an effort to continue blogging even though things aren't "quite perfect" I am putting up some pics.

I really need a curtain for this window, but for now - am so enjoying the home made labor of love from my man!

Here is what the area looked like the day we moved in. Note the awesome doily curtains from the previous owners.

And here is the new and improved nook of awesomeness! (area not quite complete...but close!)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stripes: don't be a hater

So, I am thinking about painting some stripes in our master bedroom/bathroom.
But, being a girl who let's face it, has some child-bearing hips minus the actual child bearing....stripes are not related to the word "cute" in my head.
Haven't we always been told "don't wear horizontal stripes, they make you look fat."

So stripes have been blacklisted in my world. They are dead to me.

Then it hit me....

It doesn't matter that much.

Is my lack of stripes really hiding that much? Do people think I am super skinny and then I put on a striped shirt and they say "oh wait - she is not a supermodel?"

I don't think so.

And after seeing soo many stripes in the decorating and fashion world lately, I am inspired.

They are so fresh and so clean, clean.

I even bought a horizontally striped cardigan - and my husband loves when I wear it! Take that "what not to wear!"

So, I am taking a stand for stripes. Seriously.

The following are pictures to prove their adorability.

Does it get cuter than this hallway? I submit that it does not. I think I need a whole wall of chalkboard now.

3 men and a lady

More hallway goodness.

3 men and a lady
Loving this striped dining room.
Tart House Designs

Prison bar chic.


Even baby Zebras rock the stripes. And they look adorable!
The zoo? Who knows.

Yello and grey. Dreamy.

Decor Pad

Simple, sunny and fab.

decor pad

Sigh. These drapes are heaven. (please don't take that literally all you Randy Alcorn people - heaven is so much more than good window treatments although I can't help but think those will be included)

the nest

I am a sucker for grey.

So there you have it. Stripes are no longer my enemy. They are my friend. Looking forward to getting my stripe on in the near future.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pumpkin bling

So - I've been really into pumpkins lately.

I mean, it IS fall. Pretty much everyone is into pumpkins, so I am not real original:)

But someone in blogland inspired me to make this - a mod podged pumpkin. It adds a little flare to a pumpkin if I do say so myself. And who doesn't love a little flare? I sure do.

Oh it makes me happy.

First - go to Micheal's and pick up a pumpkin. I chose black because I am goth like that. I also chose artificial so my pumpkin does not rot. Rotting pumpkins do not make for good fall decor.

Then find some cute tissue paper. I chose damask because I like damask and it's black and white and kind of spooky like that. Plus it reminds me of my wedding. Happy:) Also you need modge podge and a cheapo paint brush.

Then cut the tissue paper into little banana shapes, something that will conform to the shape of the your pumpkin strip by strip.

Confession: I had to make a banana stencil because I cannot even freehand the simple shape of a banana. I am special.

Then get to mod podging! Its a little tricky dealing with the tissue paper...but mod podge covers a multitude of sins. I think that's in the Bible somewhere.

You will want to paint away one strip at a time. You can even sing the Jordin Sparks song "one step at a time" while you are doing this. But change it to "one strip at a time" because everyone knows its cooler to make up lyrics to apply to you.

After singing and mod podging...let dry.

Then bask in the glory that is your mod podge pumpkin!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Killer chandelier...literally.

Do I love mason jars enough to make a chandelier out of them?

I know I have blogged about these a time or two. Or three. But I have been seeing these chandeliers more and more in blogland.

This just looks like a skull fracture waiting to happen.

It's cute. Don't get me wrong. But one time in high school a giant (and I mean GIANT) coffetable book fell from my bookshelf and barely missed my head. True Story. I lived to tell about it and since then I am leery of hanging heavy objects above my bed.

Perhaps I could triple reinforce with some hot glue. Or stick with the ceiling fan that I am pretty sure is screwed very tightly into our ceiling.

Anyways - just some thoughts on death by mason jar. I know I am random.

Monday Makeover!

Because I saw an UH-mazing makeover on Thrifty Decor Chick and it has me dreaming of spray paint and craigslist.

Even though I have no china cabinet I do have a pretty sad looking dresser that could use some serious love.

Yes - they re-did this thing with FIVE cans of red spray paint. And they added glaze which I think adds a touch of class.

I think I am declaring it Makeover Monday.

I also think I am in love.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Porch Love

So I got a new bible. It is lovely. It called to me from the bookstore. And I know that all scripture is God breathed and inspired....but I think if the scripture is encased in this beautiful of a could be even MORE God breathed.

I am kidding of course, but this Bible is lovely. I mean just look at it.

So you may be wondering "wait, I thought this blog post was about porches and not Lindsey's new Bible. This girl seriously needs to get to the point or I am gonna click right back over to facebook..."

But wait.... do you see it? The beautiful relationship between porches and Bibles? Because what would be a better place to read my new bible than on my sun porch?! (or should I call it the Prayer Porch to be extra cheesy?)

Is there a better place to become more Godly? I submit that there is not.

So that is where I am at. I got a new Bible and suddenly I have asked Josh that we get to work on our sun porch so JC and I can sit and have some coffee. Or some testa-mints.

So this morning I pretty much cleaned up the porch, mopped it and turned to the Web for some inspiration:)

Here's what I found.

oh and ps....would you ever think about stenciling concrete? I so would not have. But now, I am inspired to stencil. And not those grapevine stencils that were so loved in 1995 - but some fun graphics. We shall see. Could also get a cool rug and call it good:) So many options for one's concrete.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

A is for adorable

If we weren't ready for kids before, I think we are now.

Just look at this precious nursery featured on Design Sponge.

I can just picture my chub-tastic little blonde haired child sleeping amidst a sea of freshly spray painted frames proudly displaying the alphabet.

(Although spray paint fumes can NOT be good for a child. Am I a horrible mom already?)

And really, I am so not pregnant. Do not want to start any rumors. But when the time comes I may just have to start collecting old picture frames in mass quantities.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pumpkins, flowers, etc.

Ok - so I promised myself I would not ever start out a blog like "sorry I haven't written in awhile"

but if I had NOT made that promise, that is what I would be starting this blog out with.

Anyways. Moving on.

Life has been lovely in the Stamm house.

It is fall and that makes me happy. Boots and sweaters and belts and all things cozy are calling to me.

They are not calling to me very loud because it is still 100+ degrees here in Phoenix....but they are whispering. And I can hear them.

This has been a fun season for us. We recently said adios to our cable (and $70 per month cable bill) and I feel that has been really good for the creative side of me.

Instead of watching hours of Real Housewives - (please don't judge!) I have been challenged to fill up my time cooking (the people at subway were starting to recognize us), actually DOING decorating (instead of watching countless shows on the topic:)) and learning a new hobby of digital scrap booking, which has changed my life just a little bit. I also have a feeling this new hobby will make football season a little easier on me!

Also, I am kind of into fabric, sewing, hot gluing lately. Loving these little rosettes and am working on making some headbands/necklaces for myself and some other ladies (and babies) in my life.

I made two necklaces last night and even some rosettes out of kleenex at my desk today. I must be stopped. I am turning everything into rosettes.

I got inspired after seeing the countless tops this season with flowers attached to them. I quickly realized my budget would not allow for a new wardrobe of 3-d flower clothes - so I am bringing the 3-d flowers to my clothes.

I feel like these flowers could be the new puffy paint. Speaking of puffy goodness did I used to love me some puffy paint clothing. Wow. Here is an example of puffy paint clothing in case you were a MUCH cooler ten year old than I was and did not rock this look.

I really want a sewing machine for my birthday (josh?? Mom?? Dad??) so that I can sew even more. And by "even more" I mean "at all." Because all I have done is hot glued. Yes, I wore a necklace held together by hot glue. So embracing that.

I have some adorable visions of quilts in my head and also some throw pillows. Which sound much more do-able than a quilt at this point considering it takes me about 20 minutes to thread a needle.

Well, that's life as of lately.

Haven't done a TON of new decorating because well, I have been scrapbooking and hot gluing.

I did get some sweet jars for my pantry at half off day at goodwill and I did add some fun new square shelves to our living room - which I am so loving. I will post soon on that transformation.

I leave you with the cutest little pumpkins you ever did see. Might just have to steal this idea and paint myself a polka dotted pumpkin. Polka dotted pumpkin is fun to say. That's why I keep typing it....but really. I love these.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just because

Because this is so unbelievably true.

Because I freaking love yellow lately. All things yellow. Except pee. That's gross. But this is cool.

Because a picture of two sweater-wearing squirrels playing banjos makes me laugh. And it makes me want to live in a world where sweater-clad squirrels play banjos - because really, that world would be a lot of fun.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nebraska and nephews

Well, this weekend I went to see my sis in Nebraska. Oh Nebraska, when other kids were going off to California or Disney World for vacations - our family would load up the mini van and drive 24 hours to my grandparents farm. I definitely have a special place in my heart for the family road trip.

But, over the years the mini van has been replaced with a plane. Although, my mother still takes the liberty of using my shoulder as a pillow...some things never change.

And my sister met her one true love in Nebraska so now we go visit Grandma AND my sister and nephews and all that good stuff.

Oh and my sister. She is as Nebraska as they come. She has a garden and flowers and chickens and corn and cows and horses and cans her own vegetables. She is all things domestic and I think she could be BFF with the Pioneer Woman.

Here are some highlights...mostly all of my nephews.

pootie # 1 (sometimes I refer to babies as pooties. It's very lame)

More of Pootie # 1, or Clator Tow-mater, Tater', Future Cornhusker....

Gotta love Wrangler booties. And creepily taking picture of said booties.

One of my favorite little cowboys.

Newest little cowboy - baby Callan. MUFFIN. A serious muffin.

Life is good when you can spend your days swinging in your underwear.

I forgot how fun bubbles are. Very fun. Tried to do some fun editing with this one. Wish I could edit in his right eyeball. Oh well! It adds to his mystique.

Crew pondering the deeper things in life. And by deep I mean, thinking about the next time he will take a FLYING leap off the top of the couch barely missing his four-month old brother.

Oh Crew. Boys will be boys:)

My sister's flowers and some fun lighting.

Alright...I didn't even post pictures of our tomato picking adventures and the fun antiques I got - but this post is getting very picture heavy! I took tons of pics with my new camera and edited a few of my faves:)

I think I will have to do more highlights later. I fear though that I am turning in to the church missionary who would come into your Sunday school class and show you all the pictures of their trip to Mozambique for an hour. And pass around a random woven basket that they got there. Am I that guy?