Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Camera: 2007-2010 RIP

Well blog readers, I am sad to report the death of my digial camera - my little canon elph.

I had written a whole blog about the ugliness of the ceiling fans in our house, and as I was roaming thru the house trying to take pictures of the ugly ceiling fans to show you - it died.

Boo and lame.

The shutter will not close. It says "lens error." Until I am able to get a new camera I think I shall try using the camera on Josh's droid....takes decent pictures for a phone.

Anyways: Here are all the things josh and I are doing for the house this week.

Lukily, I have taken lots of "before" pics throughout the house before the death of my camera so I know what things looked like.

We changed out or old super 80s, bathroom mirror to two, stylish black framed mirrors from TJ Maxx home goods. Now, one mirror was like $75 bucks at home depot - but we got two from tj maxx for way less than that - so we were very pleased. Go TJ Max and Ross and Marhsalls. Seriously love those cheap decorating stores! I had to dig around awhile to find matching mirrors....but so worth it.

Here is the before:

And here is the in-between.

I say in-between because the mirrors are not hung and the cabinets are not painted. Temporarily, I think I am going to stain the cabinets black and put on some new hardware....in the long term we'd love to do something like this:

or this

But really, who can afford all these updates at once? Not us:) So, they are just dreams for now. Who dreams about sinks? Weird.

We are painting our room grey. Yes, I am in a grey rut. I don't know why - I just love grey. It is kind of modern and clean looking and I am painting everything I see that color. Oh well.

Ok, this blog is suddenly my decorating diary. Sorry about that! I just like to document home improvement stuff:) Makes me feel like we are making progress! Taking our house out of the 80s one ceiling fan at a time.