Friday, July 24, 2009

The verbal equivalent of fingernails on a chalkboard


For the love of everything holy can we please stop using the term "Bestie" and also the prepositional phrase "to love on people." If you have a best friend - just call her your BFF, or your Best Friend - but to shorten it to something like "Bestie" is just so silly. What if we took all adjectives and made them nouns? It's would not be pretty.

Second of all - and this phrase has been bothering me since it showed up on my creepy word radar in mid 2003...."love on people." This just sounds kind of weird. All I ask is that we take out the word ON. I like loving. I like people. But to love ON people....creep-tastic.

So consider doing your part in putting an end to the madness. Don't be afraid to call people out on their usage of such phrases, confront in love, and together we can stop the lameness.

Ok. That is all. Just had to vent for a minute.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home Owners!

Well, Joshy and I bought our FIRST house! We are very excited. It is a lovely little home in Gilbert. We love the hood because it feels like a neighborhood that is on the east coast because the streets are practically tree lined:) (are streets tree lined on the east coast?) Anyways. We close on August 21 - and Josh will move in sometime after that. Now I have a whole house to decorate and am excited for the challenge. Here are some things that will go asap:

* 80s ceiling fans
* astro turf in the sun room (could keep this for possible putt putt course)
* spare fridge on the back porch making us look slighly white trash - or like we buy meat in bulk

The house is very close to Freestone park so josh and I can go to the park whenever - which I can almost guarantee is something we will say we will do all the time, but we wont.

Wedding planning is coming along nicely. This week Jen (my sister-in-law to be) is helping me with invites. My mom is gearing up to help me with some sewing projects and my dress should be in the first week of August! Ok, this blog is neither funny NOR deep and spiritual - but oh well. Pics to come as soon as I locate my camera cord:)

Friday, July 10, 2009

New Blog!

I've decided that my old blog is heck, why not start over? Lots has changed this year - Josh and I went from being good friends, to dating to getting married in 125 days (but who's counting?). Hopefully this blog will help document our first year together - and other random insights I may have! Thanks for visiting, updates to come!