Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tonight The Biggest Loser was dragging on and on and I decided to make one of those chains you make in elementary school that countdown the days till Christmas break. I dug out my old scrapbook paper and cut 30 links and made a really fun chain. I hung it on our wall. 30 more days of engaged life. Well, 29 now.

Tonight I also discovered a nerdy habit of mine. Delilah. I am super cheesy and sentimental these days, so I listen to Delilah every night when I am driving home from Josh's. I have come to love her even though she is probably like a few steps below Oprah in the "people Christians love to not like" category. But, hey....I like her. She always has a cheese-tastic song to play for me as I drive from Gilbert to Tempe. Whether its "can you feel the love tonight?" or "I swear" I totally partake in the lameness.

When I am married I wont be in the car when Delilah is on...but then I'll be hanging out with my hot husband so who really cares.

Tonight I got 9 RSVPs in the mail. That's a record. TWO responses mentioned people's ability to do the Robot. Bring it!

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  1. you are seriously awesome...and I Love your new bridal guide countdown!


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