Monday, October 5, 2009


During the wedding planing process I have gotten to embrace my crafty side. I seriously love crafts. My first major in college was an elementary ed teacher for the sole purpose of doing crafts. Unfortunately an affinity towards gluesticks does not a good teacher make, although I am sure it doesn't hurt. But here are a few things my mom, and sister and sister in law and, actually, even my brother have helped with!
Just a little taste of my little damask -tastic wedding coming up next month!

First off we'll begin with a picture of my wedding craft crew minus my bro.
Kristi: Maker of the bows
Beth: Gluer of the ribbon
Lindsey: Chief designer - wire cutter, bling nazi
Mom: Fun Enforcer

I decided to make my bouquets. One, I thought it may be cheaper since florists were charging like $50 for a bridesmaid bouquet....two, I just wanted to make em. Is that so wrong?
Here are the early stages. At this point my hands were raw from using all my strength to cut wire. But my pain was alleviated by the satisfaction of getting to play with that fun green florists foam. A good time was had.
In these little contraptions you stick the bud of the flower in the top and then you cut off a bunch of stems and stick them in the bottom. I actually really liked this method. Then my brother hot glued them like crazy. Seriously, these flowers aren't going anywhere - except down the aisle.

My sister in law was my bow savior and helped me immensely! I chose green bows so they will stand out net to the bridesmaids black dresses. And of course, there's a subtle hint of damask. But not too much.... Just enough to say
"I am damask, but not TOO damask"

My lovely friend Jessie gave me a tip that Big Lots had flower girl baskets for $2. And they did! But, they were covered in daisies. Sad face. But you know what they say, when life gives you daisies - cover em with green fabric, hot glue and 79 cent fake flowers!

Voila! Here is the finished product. (please note the antelope head in the back of this picture - nothing says wedding crafts like some mounted game shot by my dad and hung on the wall)

And now just one of the reasons that if I was not marrying Josh I would marry Hobby Lobby....they sell stuff like this amazing damask hat box!
I am going to use this for my cards and all I did was tape some ribbon and add a black rose.

So there are just a few of the wedding crafts I've been busy with! I am also making the boutonieres which I will never ever spell correctly and my mom and I are making the ring bearer pillows - pics to come of those later! just always thinks pictures jazz up a blog a bit, so I wanted to post some!


  1. linds, not only do i find much delight in your literary skills and humor but how much more in your craft skills! SO impressive! i'm not even kidding you. where were you when i WAS spending 50 bucks a pop for bouquets?? everything looks GREAT. can't wait to continue to watch it come together. you're doing awesome!

  2. Sari I LOVE you! Thanks so much for the encouragement!
    This is the reason YOU will be carrying one of those sweet handmade with love bouquets!! (well, that and you're jewish and I wanted one of Gods chosen in my bridal party - mazel tov!)

  3. The future mother-in-law is smiling big-time! A crafty daughter-in-law, God has heard my prayers & answered them...hallelujah! It will be fun on the 25th crafting some more items for the Big Social Event of 2009...


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