Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Frugal Girl!

I think I have just found my new favorite web site. Frugal Girl!


This web site is really cool - and the girl is a Christian who takes joy in living simply. I love that.

I constantly have to remind myself of the value of simple living. Especially when I drive because the only thing that prevents my car's windshield wipers from going all the time is an old subway napkin I had to stick in the steering wheel - ghetto fab people!

Anyways, I am getting more into saving money. Nerdy? Maybe. I even bought a coupon book. So far I have used one coupon and saved one dollar on lean pocket quesadillas that Josh didn't like....so I have got a ways to go until I can be as savvy as those moms who like feed their whole family for 40 bucks.

Frugal Girl also offers some how-to's.

I loved this one on how to paint wood furniture

If you want, you can read the article here, I can't get the hyperlinks to work!


There's something so cool about a piece of furniture that you can put your own style into by changing the handles or the paint color.

I swear, if I could, I would learn how to build cool furniture and be like that girl carpenter on Trading Spaces who could like build a whole entertainment center. But alas, I can barely put together a coffee table from IKEA.

Check out this awesome before and after she did...

ugly night stand thing before....

totally cute looks-like-you-got-it-at-pottery-barn-after...

Anyways, home ownership on a budget has brought me to some super fun blogs and I can't get enough of HGTV. I even have Josh drive thru the neighborhood slow at night so I can look in people's windows and see their decorating ideas....I am so creepy! I am like a peeping tom, except I just look at people's decorations and furniture. I draw the line at hiding in bushes though.

Anyways, just thought I'd share some inspriation (and some totally creepy factoids about myself.)



  1. You should totally check out couponsense.com. My moms LOVES it and you can save so much money!

  2. You might be creepy but I love you.

  3. Aww, I'm so glad you like my blog. :) Thanks for the link!



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