Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Camera: 2007-2010 RIP

Well blog readers, I am sad to report the death of my digial camera - my little canon elph.

I had written a whole blog about the ugliness of the ceiling fans in our house, and as I was roaming thru the house trying to take pictures of the ugly ceiling fans to show you - it died.

Boo and lame.

The shutter will not close. It says "lens error." Until I am able to get a new camera I think I shall try using the camera on Josh's droid....takes decent pictures for a phone.

Anyways: Here are all the things josh and I are doing for the house this week.

Lukily, I have taken lots of "before" pics throughout the house before the death of my camera so I know what things looked like.

We changed out or old super 80s, bathroom mirror to two, stylish black framed mirrors from TJ Maxx home goods. Now, one mirror was like $75 bucks at home depot - but we got two from tj maxx for way less than that - so we were very pleased. Go TJ Max and Ross and Marhsalls. Seriously love those cheap decorating stores! I had to dig around awhile to find matching mirrors....but so worth it.

Here is the before:

And here is the in-between.

I say in-between because the mirrors are not hung and the cabinets are not painted. Temporarily, I think I am going to stain the cabinets black and put on some new hardware....in the long term we'd love to do something like this:

or this

But really, who can afford all these updates at once? Not us:) So, they are just dreams for now. Who dreams about sinks? Weird.

We are painting our room grey. Yes, I am in a grey rut. I don't know why - I just love grey. It is kind of modern and clean looking and I am painting everything I see that color. Oh well.

Ok, this blog is suddenly my decorating diary. Sorry about that! I just like to document home improvement stuff:) Makes me feel like we are making progress! Taking our house out of the 80s one ceiling fan at a time.


  1. i personally cannot get ENOUGH of the basin style sinks. love them. good dream, linds. the mirrors looks great, too. will you invite me over sometime soon to see them in person?? =) i love you, friend!

  2. Love love the mirrors and lighting you guys got! AND I so really want a sink that sits on a cabinet...very cool...and actually not too pricey...there are some options for about 100 bucks at Home Depot...of course you'd have to buy two...unless, you just wanted one for yourself and Josh could have the uh, other one. ;p

  3. I dream about sinks and home improvements all the time! I love to see all the things you guys are up to! I hope we can help you out next time you get the family involved in your backyard adventures!!

  4. Hey! We need another Josh and Lindsey project on your blog update...this is how I see your place...so share the love. ;p PS did you get a camera yet?


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