Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello blog readers.

Well, I've been completely unmovitvated to blog since the death of my digi cam. I've been reading lots of blogs lately and they all have lovely pictures and I have major blog envy. And then I think - "Lindsey, you can paint a picture with your words." But I actually think that might be a crappy picture and who wants to read 1000 words when they can just look at a picture and be done with it?

But shoot, I am just gonna go for it.

As far as home improvement goes, we have not done too much. We are ALMOST at a stopping point. Meaning, nothing is driving me TOO crazy. We have replaced most of our super ugly ceiling fans, and some brass light fixtures and finally painted our room a light light grey. Currently, I love the color grey and would paint my whole entire house shades of grey if josh would let me.

The next project will probably be project skylight.

You see we have a skylight in our kitchen - but what did the previous owners do? They stuck a giant flourescent beam of light IN the skylight. People - the sun is meant to light that space, not this ugly bulb. So alas, I think we will take that light out, paint the skylight white and put in another light where one final horrendous brass ceiling fan remains. I don't think I need a ceiling fan in the kitchen anyways. Especially if it is brass and looks like it hasnt been cleaned since 1993.

In between projects, I must say I spend way too much time spying on my neighbors. They are not really all that interesting. I dont suspect they are running a meth lab or a drop house or anything, I just like to watch them for some reason because I am creepy and curious like that.

I am not sure of thier names, but they have a cocker spaniel named moxie and they take moxie and their sweet little son on a walk every single night. It is a young-ish couple, the dad is in med school. They seem lovely and one time the lady brought us over pumkin cookies but I was in the shower and josh answed the door and had to take the pumpkin cookies without me meeting the lady. I was sad, but I still ate her pumpkin cookies and they were very good.

Along with baking pumpkin cookies and taking moxie on walks I also gather that this lady loves flags. I know this because each major (nd minor)holiday there is a new flag outside their house to celebrate. Usually it has snoopy or Charlie Brown on it. So far she has had a fall flag, a thanksgiving flag, a Christmas flag, a winter flag, a st. patricks day flag, a spring flag, a valentines day flag and an easter flag. We haven't even made it thru the year and I have made note of 8 flags. Although I am not a flag decorating kind of person I certainly appreciate the effort she puts forth in being festive.

It makes me like her and her flag tendencies. Also, it makes me think that she is Type A. I mean, as soon as Easter was over - there was a new flag up by yesterday morning. I call her the flag ninja because I have never seen her change a flag, yet after each holiday - the very next day there is a new flag celebrating the season. It is totally endearing. Menwhile, I will probably keep my "this way to the bunny trail" cheesy wooden Easter sign in my lawn till mid-July. Oh well.


  1. you are awesome. I seriously am snickering by myself over here...you should gift her a new flag so she will be your friend...or bake her your oatmeal choc. chip cookies...anyone would be your friend after eating those :)

  2. I've always wanted to be a flag ninja...but I have yet to flip my calendars from March to April! I spy on my mysterious neighbors too occasionally...so I'm glad I'm not the only one! And Jen is right...your cookies will make her day!

  3. i'm just trying to think of a really inappropriate flag that you could give to her in all seriousness....but i can't.

    i love you and miss you, linds!!


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