Monday, September 20, 2010

Killer chandelier...literally.

Do I love mason jars enough to make a chandelier out of them?

I know I have blogged about these a time or two. Or three. But I have been seeing these chandeliers more and more in blogland.

This just looks like a skull fracture waiting to happen.

It's cute. Don't get me wrong. But one time in high school a giant (and I mean GIANT) coffetable book fell from my bookshelf and barely missed my head. True Story. I lived to tell about it and since then I am leery of hanging heavy objects above my bed.

Perhaps I could triple reinforce with some hot glue. Or stick with the ceiling fan that I am pretty sure is screwed very tightly into our ceiling.

Anyways - just some thoughts on death by mason jar. I know I am random.


  1. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices for design. Like when you decorate in all white and have 3 kids. Or when you tell your kid to put down the glass owl that already had a huge crack in it from too much "love". Or when your husband has a seizure whilst watching tv from your newly stenciled wall...not like any of this happens at my house though.

    love your guts and miss you!

  2. One time I put two tea candles in a mason jar for a Valentines banquet and the heat was too much and the jar blew up sending glass fragments all over the dinner table. That's another way to die by mason jar!

  3. I made a candle out of potpourri and melted wax poured into a mason jar when I was a freshman in high school...I didnt realize that when the flame got to a piece if the potpourri it would very much set on fire. I too have almost died by mason jar.


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