Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stripes: don't be a hater

So, I am thinking about painting some stripes in our master bedroom/bathroom.
But, being a girl who let's face it, has some child-bearing hips minus the actual child bearing....stripes are not related to the word "cute" in my head.
Haven't we always been told "don't wear horizontal stripes, they make you look fat."

So stripes have been blacklisted in my world. They are dead to me.

Then it hit me....

It doesn't matter that much.

Is my lack of stripes really hiding that much? Do people think I am super skinny and then I put on a striped shirt and they say "oh wait - she is not a supermodel?"

I don't think so.

And after seeing soo many stripes in the decorating and fashion world lately, I am inspired.

They are so fresh and so clean, clean.

I even bought a horizontally striped cardigan - and my husband loves when I wear it! Take that "what not to wear!"

So, I am taking a stand for stripes. Seriously.

The following are pictures to prove their adorability.

Does it get cuter than this hallway? I submit that it does not. I think I need a whole wall of chalkboard now.

3 men and a lady

More hallway goodness.

3 men and a lady
Loving this striped dining room.
Tart House Designs

Prison bar chic.


Even baby Zebras rock the stripes. And they look adorable!
The zoo? Who knows.

Yello and grey. Dreamy.

Decor Pad

Simple, sunny and fab.

decor pad

Sigh. These drapes are heaven. (please don't take that literally all you Randy Alcorn people - heaven is so much more than good window treatments although I can't help but think those will be included)

the nest

I am a sucker for grey.

So there you have it. Stripes are no longer my enemy. They are my friend. Looking forward to getting my stripe on in the near future.


  1. Accccckkkkkkk....that striped hallway took my breath away! And this coming from a pair of child bearing hips who are highly opposed to horizontal stripes....I feel ya girl!


  2. I love stripes on the walls!! Can't wait to see how that turns out for you!
    I also love stripes on my clothes! I would only avoid horizontal strips across my hips or butt, but on the top they look great! That's what I think anyway!! But what do I know....I still wear stripes up top and I'm almost 9 months pregnant! Talk about a making yourself look bigger! haa

  3. hahahahaha.....oh, i love you. =)

  4. Lins! I too am now obsessed with stripes, thanks a lot! Geez. I can not wait to see what you come up with!

    love your guts

  5. I totally agree, LOVE the stripes!!

  6. gorgeous!!! i too love stripes!!! the simple/sunny/fab & the "heavenly" drapes are my favorites!


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