Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cabinets and consoles and rugs oh my!

Happy New Year!

It has been a busy season here in the Stamm house, and frankly, I have been terrible at documenting all the changes.

We haven't done anything too crazy like knocked down a wall or gotten new counter tops, but we have been getting our DIY on like none other.

In an effort to bring more personality and less Ikea into our home, there's someone I'd like you to meet.

Our new coffee table.

This cute little trunk has some family history in it - I think one of my relatives built it. And it is COOL. I used to keep our toys in it when I was little. But here it sits as our coffee table and it makes me happy.

And do you see my decorating faux pas staring at you in the face? (aside from the off center mirror) Yes people, I put a rug on a rug. Major no no so I have heard. But I love this rug. And I needed some color underneath my trunk to make it pop. I don't care if this is the decorating equivalent to socks with sandals, I am gonna stick with it.

Now just in case you accuse me of hatin on the Swedes - here is my genuinely authentic, sheepskin rug from Ikea.

Josh is still deba-a-a-ting (get it... it's a sheepskin?!) this rug's coolness, but I love the texture and the cozy feel it brings. And in Arizona - you need all the cozy you can get!

And then there is this little garage sale number.

Isn't she adorbs? Yes. I believe I did just assign my new console table a gender. The people I bought this from were too cool, and I love the anthropologie knobs.

I've been wanting a little something for this area of our great room and this thing came ready to go. It is just the style I love...a little shab and a little chic.

And just for fun I'll add in some pics of our holiday decor.

Did you know I got those little Christmas trees at Walgreens for 99 cents? Well, I did. I didn't know Walgreens sold more than Cover Girl and Snuggies...but apparently they sell really cute glittery Christmas trees. Score.

And last but not least I bring you part one of the great kitchen re do.

White Cabinets:)

Some of you may remember we stained our cabinets a year ago. Remember?

But I don't know. I just never loved it.

This. Now this, I love. Feels much cleaner in here. And brighter. And we added a chalkboard back splash which I am seriously loving. I heart chalkboard paint in a big way. We're gonna paint the walls as well and do some other stuff...but this is part one and I am loving it.

I was so excited I bought a magnetic knife storage strip to celebrate. I documented it with a blurry picture. See?

More counterspace and less clutter are two of my favorite things.

So that's where we're at in the home improvement department. We have some more fun projects up our sleeves well, up my sleeves, pretty sure Josh is just along for the ride and the drilling:)

More to come this year!


  1. Friend?!?! Is it really you? Love all your awesome new projects!

    Love your guts

  2. i didn't even know it was possible for one post to contain so much coolness. i love you, linds. =)

  3. Hey Lindsey! Was it hard to paint your cabinets? How long did it take? I have really been wanting to paint ours but it seems like such a daunting task!

  4. you are a-a-amazing and a-a-aawesome. Love that you love redecorating as much as I do. I agree with you when you just don't love something in your home, then you just have to fix it until you do!!


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