Friday, July 24, 2009

The verbal equivalent of fingernails on a chalkboard


For the love of everything holy can we please stop using the term "Bestie" and also the prepositional phrase "to love on people." If you have a best friend - just call her your BFF, or your Best Friend - but to shorten it to something like "Bestie" is just so silly. What if we took all adjectives and made them nouns? It's would not be pretty.

Second of all - and this phrase has been bothering me since it showed up on my creepy word radar in mid 2003...."love on people." This just sounds kind of weird. All I ask is that we take out the word ON. I like loving. I like people. But to love ON people....creep-tastic.

So consider doing your part in putting an end to the madness. Don't be afraid to call people out on their usage of such phrases, confront in love, and together we can stop the lameness.

Ok. That is all. Just had to vent for a minute.


  1. add to the list "wifey" and "hubby"

    all of these are fine:
    wife or woman or lady or lady friend or baby

    husband or man or big daddy

    I would be a happy girl to never hear "wifey" + "hubby" again...

  2. I just got a glorious laugh out of this.

  3. Hmmm.... even though we share genes... I cannot agree with you on this one sister friend. I love, LOVE the term bestie. It sounds so 3rd grade, and boy did I love third grade. Granted, I will always be true to BFF, but I can get behind bestie. As for jen's comments... I hate to be hater... but I love being called wifey. For real. Now hubby when made over with a tad of cool to = hubster, is better for me. Lady friend sounds like the elderly are dating, and big daddy gets a smidge froudian... hmmm.


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