Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home Owners!

Well, Joshy and I bought our FIRST house! We are very excited. It is a lovely little home in Gilbert. We love the hood because it feels like a neighborhood that is on the east coast because the streets are practically tree lined:) (are streets tree lined on the east coast?) Anyways. We close on August 21 - and Josh will move in sometime after that. Now I have a whole house to decorate and am excited for the challenge. Here are some things that will go asap:

* 80s ceiling fans
* astro turf in the sun room (could keep this for possible putt putt course)
* spare fridge on the back porch making us look slighly white trash - or like we buy meat in bulk

The house is very close to Freestone park so josh and I can go to the park whenever - which I can almost guarantee is something we will say we will do all the time, but we wont.

Wedding planning is coming along nicely. This week Jen (my sister-in-law to be) is helping me with invites. My mom is gearing up to help me with some sewing projects and my dress should be in the first week of August! Ok, this blog is neither funny NOR deep and spiritual - but oh well. Pics to come as soon as I locate my camera cord:)

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  1. Whoa... you never mentioned a spare frigde. If it works at all.... keep it!! Not even kidding. We love having a fridge in garage for pop (aka beer) and sometimes you need extra freezer space. You will thank me for this little nugget of advice someday soon when you wake up from your I'm-so-in-love-with-hubby-new-house-life trance and realize dang, I could some extra space for that chicken that is on sale.


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