Monday, August 3, 2009

A rare spiritual blog.

It's 11:26 pm. I have to work in the morning. Would love to get up early and spend time with Jesus, doing the real prep work for marriage....but instead I sit, like a creepy obsessive lady looking a photos of strangers' weddings. It's so draining. On facebook I click on "all friends" I scroll through the list asking myself "now who may have attended a wedding recently and posted pictures of it on facebook?" I click away. Scouring the weddings of strangers comparing dresses, flower ideas and hairstyles. Feeling - most of the time - insecure about my own wedding. Comparing sucks. My sister reminded me it won't stop with the wedding...I'll compare my wedding, my body, my talents, my clothes, my money, my car, my house, my kids, my husband....I am not sure I know quite how to fight it over than immerse myself in truth somehow, but the thing with sin is that we like to cling to it and don't realize the freedom we have to let it go. Just some thoughts and stuff God is teaching me through wedding planning....and now, some thought provoking shane and shane lyrics.

there is a wicked man in me
wanting the wicked man's disease
fleeting pleasures, but pleasure indeed
oh Lord, take my envy of these things
and the prideful war within
take me to the place of sweet surrender
You are, You were, You will always be better!
this is a song of surrenderfor whom have i but You?
You are, You are better
forever so much better than the world
You are my portion (Lord you are...)
You are my portion (my reward...)
You are my portion
my never ending, overflowing Lord

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