Thursday, September 3, 2009

10 weeks, one day - but who's counting?!

Well, just a quick update to say that Joshy and I have our keys and we've uploaded an album on facebook and everything!

I think we're getting internet in our new place soon - so possbily more cool things to come to the Stamm Fam blog.

This week Joshy and I have been busy, well doing not much.

Basically the highlight of our week was discovering the Safeway brand jar of queso - that, if I do say so myself - is better than any name brand out there.

Also, another highlight is the process of MAKING BOUTONIEERES. I really should NOT put a word in all caps that I am 98% sure I spelled wrong but I wanted to stress how fun this was. Not sure all caps is the way to get that point across to readers...but shoot, I love doing stuff like that!!

Some may say it's white trash to have fake flowers at a wedding - but you know what I say? It's fun. And you get to get everything ready beforehand and you can look at the boutonierres and think "wow, I made that while Josh was watching football and wasnt paying ANY attention to me so I had nothing better to do" ....but seriously, I am loving the crafts that come with a wedding and going to hobby lobby and seeing all the fun things and fabric really gets my head spinning to see what I could do with everything.

Even if the crafts dont show up at my wedding....I am getting lots of cute ideas to do in the future:) I am determined to learn how to sew - possibly cute aprons which I am loving - anyone see these at Anthropoligie? They are AWESOME. I always love wearing an apron! Last year we went on a missions trip to mexico and got Home Depot apron things - and I sometimes wear mine to clean house, I am a dork.

Of, sorry about the apron bunny trail....

We are taking a break on painting, etc, because shoot...we're not actually married yet - and the cuter our house gets, the more we want to be there together ALL the time - which is not super beneficial to us or our other relationships. So we have a beige bathroom, guest room, a smelly sun room with weird green putt putt flooring, etc. etc. but the important thing is that everything has great POTENTIAL! In due time, I think we will get it to where we want it.

In other news - we are about 11 days away from the final weigh in of the Stamm Fam Biggest Loser challenge. On this challenge Josh and I have struggled a bit - but I have lost almost 9 pounds and he has lost over 25 - which may seem good, but the rest of the Stamms don't mess around! They've lost some serious weight. We have more pounds to go and I for sure won't win the contest, but I think we're feeling the motivation again - despite the queso setback earlier this week. I would love to lose about 5-8 more pounds before the wedding and josh is hoping for about 20 more. I know we can do it!

That's all for now!

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