Sunday, September 6, 2009

New follower - new post

Just a post to commemerate my SECOND follower - my future mother in law. This brings my number up to TWO:) Which is great! I seriously am thankful for my new family and their support of my sporadic blogging skills.

In other news, today marked a turning point in my life. Today I managed to go to the mall for ME but ended up only finding cute clothes for JOSH. Hmm....I am not sure I like this transition where I buy stuff for Josh and not me, but as I was leaving the mall I was just as excited to have found this cute shirt for felt just as good as if I had found a cute shirt for myself! I guess I really DO love him...

(that was a joke - please don't measure your love for someone in the amount of times you go to the mall and buy a shirt for them...especially if the shirt was off the clearance rack (which was another joke, whether shirt was on clearance rack or not is not important - feeling the need to explain my genuine love for Josh since I know his family is reading this:))

Tomorrow marks my first wedding craft day. Which is basically my mom luring me with the promise of yummy food and forcing me to finish all my half started wedding crafts like, um bouqets, aisle runners, card box, boutonierres, etc. etc. So, hoping it goes well. If I was a really dedicated blogger I would post pictures of tomorrows crafting endeavors. We shall see.

It's seriously getting to be go time with this whole wedding thing. Last week I bought contact solution and realized that the next time I would need contact solution, I would have a new last name. Silly, but true.

Alright faithful readers. Till next time.

:) L

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  1. Just a side-note, there are other ways to follow your blog such as feed-readers, which is what a lot of people (myself included) use. You'll never know how many subscribers you have, but your words are getting out to the masses. :)


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