Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I love you spray paint

Is spray paint white trash?

Gosh I hope not.

Because lately I have been spray painting everything. I find this is a great solution to just ONE of josh and I's relationship problems (there aren't many, but c'mon...relationships are hard!)

So, you see back in my single days when there was no boy to be seen for miles and miles I was in a "shabby chic" decorating phase.

Some of you might know the "shabby chic" line from target - it is full of pink and little flowers birdies and lace. Very pretty, and a very real obstacle to get over when a man comes into your life.

Josh one time told me that one of my lamps looked like something a grandma would have and I immediately began to cry. Pathetic - but no one disses my lamp!!

So, here I sit with my can of spray paint. Taking my pink picture frames and baby blue candle holders and spray painting them a gloomy, but modern and ultimately more gender neutral black.

No pastel color is safe with this can in my hand.

And spraying is therapuetic. Especially when you know a little touch of that nozzle will instantly give you a new piece of artwork, possible lightheadedness, and one less pointless squabble over what's cute.

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