Monday, September 14, 2009

A love story...

Last week Josh and I were emailing and I wrote him this naturally I thought I'd put it on my blog for the whole world to see:)

Once upon a time there was a girl.

She was a nice girl. Nothing too interesting about her... except she had really good instincts. One time she went to a small group bible study with a friend and she saw a piece of man bacon with blonde hair and big muscles and she thought to herself "I am gonna marry that guy." The girl didn't think this about any boy before. She told her mom, her sister and her best friend - she was gonna marry man bacon. But the man bacon was silly. He managed to supress his love for this girl for weeks and months and years until he couldnt take her hottness anymore and he asked her out by setting up a meeting in his outlook express. Ah...the girl thought this was pretty cute.

The girl thought the man bacon was pretty cute too.

He came and picked her up and they went to a pizza place. They waited two unbelievably short hours. During the wait, the girl stepped in mud and the boy had to wash her feet off in the fountain. Silly girl, she was ALWAYS doing dumb things around man bacon, but now the girl began to see the man bacon liked her silly things.

Anyways, months and weeks went by and the man bacon and the girl became the best of friends.

They went on walks, sat on the swing, watched movies, the girl baked for him, they sat under the lights of the Christmas tree, they watched LOST, they cuddled, they kissed, they hugged, they held hands on looong road trips, they listened to coldplay, they dreamed about houses, they went to Disneyland, the boy gave the girl a ring, they planned a wedding, they bought a house, they ate safeway brand queso, they did puzzles, the girl made a lot of tacos because this is the only thing she knows how to cook, they did more cuddling, they painted, they became obsessed with the DIY network, they stayed up late listening to music and they watched lightning. They were very happy.

Then the girl wrote this email. And she thought the story was pretty cute, but she didn't know how to end it or what the point of the story was other than she loved Man Bacon and she did not want to print out people's group lists for staff tonight and thought this was much more fun. So she wrote it.

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