Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A new love for Polar Bears

I am sorry, but the stamp on my wedding RSVPs have a picture of a polar bear on them. Not very bridal or cool by any means. But I am learning to embrace the Polar Bear goodness. Especially because when I got home from the post office (nearly in tears, gosh I cry a lot these days) there were TWO (not one), wedding invites at my house who also had polar bear stamps forced upon them.

And did those brides care? NO. Should I? NO. Did their invitations still look lovely? Absolutely.

Was I still just as happy that two people fell in love even though their stamp had a picture of a polar bear on it and not something cuter? Of course!!

Was this God's way of telling me I am being ridiculous? I think so.

Are there MUCH MUCH bigger issues in life than not having a cute stamp? Oh my goodness yes.

Do I like rhetorical questions? Heck yeah I do.

Should I stop using this annoying question-writing format to get my point across? Defintely.

And so my friends, bring on the Polar Bears. Actually, it's kind of therapeutic. With each sticking on of the stamp I am saying to myself "take that bridal industry! See if I conform to your demands!!"

It feels so good.

Bridal Industry 0: Polar Bears Everywhere: 1

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  1. hahahahahaha--that's really all i have to say. so funny, linds.


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