Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yep - they day has come and gone and we are officially Mr. and Mrs. Stamm. So far, so good:) We had an awesome wedding, I spent most of it not breathing very well in my dress...but hey, pain is beauty.

Right now I am loving being a wife. I am only 6 days into it, but today I got to stay home and clean and organize and I loved it. Josh is watching Star Trek right now which gives me the perfect opportunity to just post a brief update.

I want to upload a facebook album of our wedding day, but its not working. Boo.
Well, here is a list of awesome moments from the last week.
* Dragging my dress thru the dirt in order to get the perfect picture. Totally worth it. After all, the dress is only seen for a few hours but the pictures are forever!
* Seeing my studly groom for the first time. Hot stuff.
* Getting to the Biltmore for our first night! Everyone in the Lobby stared at us and let us move to the front of the line. It was awesome!!
* Dancing with my nephews at my reception.
* Um, awkwardly having to return car keys to Matt and Jen on Saturday. I don't know you just dont want to see your boss/pastor/in laws the morning after your wedding especially if your hair is all messy and your false eyelashes are falling off....Jen, you know I love you!
Alright. Feeling guilty about joshy watchinhg a movie al by himself (although it is Star Trek....) I'll write more later:)

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  1. I did snicker to myself. it WAS a little bit funny ;)


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