Monday, November 23, 2009

Hobbies and such

Today Josh and I were talking about Christmas. Basically, here is our convo:

Josh: So what do you want to do for Christmas gifts this year?

Lindsey: Um, we already have so much - we could just get eachother one gift

Josh: Well you're really hard to shop for

Lindsey: Why is that?

Josh: Um, you like to bake, but I don't want to get you baking stuff and you dont really have any other hobbies and you dont really do crafts that much.....

Lindsey: SO basically I am really boring and you are wondering why you married me?

Josh: Kind of.

Ok, I made up the last part but Josh definitely accused me of never being crafty AND having no hobbies! I know. Mean.

It's true though. I dont know what happened to me. I used to do things like blog and take pictures and practice my viola and scrapbook ( I mean I actually scrapbooked, it wasn't just something I wrote in my facebook profile) But lately I have just spent my days planning a wedding and moving and scouring home decorating blogs.


Anyways, I am excited because I told Josh I want him to buy me a used keyboard off of craigslist for Christmas.

I don't know how far I will get in my piano playing endeavors but when I was ten I taught myself Canon in I already know one song.

I don't expect to be the next beethoven or even really to play anywhere...but I really love music and it's annoying that I can't create it or at least mimic the music other people create.

Josh is hopefully going to get a guitar for Christmas. The difference here is that Josh actually knows how to play real music and sounds pretty amazing and has an awesome voice ( I personally think he could be on American Idol and I would be the wife waiting outside the audition doors and jump into his arms when he came out with a yellow ticket to Hollywood..ok, I've dreamed about this a time or two...)

Basically we are one set of curtains turned pantsuits away from becoming the Von Trapps.

I am pretty excited.

Oh and posting things to your blog is scary. I feel like in 6 months people may be like "so, have you composed anything yet?" And I'll be like "Um no....but I can play mary had a little lamb with my eyes closed."


  1. you are hilarious! and I LOVE you blog! that's a talent...and probably a spiritual gift too :)

    um, viola? really?

    good luck with the'll be great I know it! :)

  2. Hello! Please take my keyboard out of my house if you want it! We'll probably never afford lessons for my kidlets and it's blocking my front door!!


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