Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kitchen Dillemas

This week Josh and I have been super motivated. Call it nesting or being tired of living in beige-ville - but in the new year, we've traded in our nightly baking sessions for a healthier hobby...home improvement.

This week I tackled the pantry door. Not a literal tackle, more of a figurative tackle that involved a paintbrush.

Our pantry door is one of those foldy ones that came in houses built in the 80s. And my theory is - if something is kind of lame anyways, may as well take a risk and make it either way cool or just lame again. Nothing to lose here.

Anyways, here are the steps.

0. Go to home depot and buy chalkboard paint (I forgot to put this at the beginning and rather than re-number, I am naming this step 0)
1. Turn on ghetto rap music (Tupac if you have any)
2. get into your ugly painting clothes (jeans that kinds of look like mom jeans, high waist, weird ankles, etc)
3. realize you forgot sandpaper and drive to Ace Hardware in said mom jeans and moccasins.
4. Return, eat a cookie and sand away.
5. Paint.
6. Wait for husband to come home and be impressed with a completed project.
7. Repent of pride

And here are the pics of our creation. More to come when we finish sanding the cupboards.

PS: the bottom pic makes our kitchen look lime green. I assure you, it is not. More of a grassy green. I am not ashamed of its green-ness. But I might be if it was bright lime green. I put it on a high film speed because my camera was showing water spots at the lower speed. And then I got a bright pic. But, no water spots. Ok, boring information overload.




  1. I have done #3 repeatedly...glad I'm not the only one...and definately blast music and chow down cookies and chocolate! All that work burns those calories off anyway I say.

  2. ooh.....i dig it, linds! (esp the black doors against the green) --and nothing aides great painting more than mom jeans; everyone knows that (and every woman owns a pair). fine work, sister. i'd love to see your home in person sometime soon.

  3. Oh! You make me want to paint my pantry door as a chalkboard. Your kitchen looks great!


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