Monday, May 3, 2010

blog therapy

Ever have one of those days where you pull up to get gas in really hot weather and the pump won't work? So then you try to pull the gas pump from the one across the way and it reaches - and even though you look stupid - you attempt to pump gas from THIS pump and that wont even work? And while you are trying to do this an annoying guy trying to sell his auto glass repair business tells you to "smile" even though for all he knows your mom could have died that day? Regardless he tells a complete stranger to smile. And then you try one last pump and this time you actually move your car by turning it on and have to maneuver a three point turn to get to this pump? And then the same guy who told you to "smile" is now laughing at you? And then you go inside to pay for your gas because none of your credit cards are working and you go back out to finally pump your gas and you realize your tank is on the wrong side? AHHHH.

Ok. So I just had that day. Oh my freaking goodness.

So now I am home and eating my 100 calorie pack of pringles and reading my blogs about pretty things and all is right with the world again.

I am reading La Dolce Vida a lot lately. Check it out here:) (just pretend that was a hyperlink)

Anyways...seriously. loving. the. grey. rooms. After all I did just paint my entire house grey and question it at times. But pictures like this remind me - grey is cool Lindsey - relax!! Just add some spicy accesories like a lime green vase and pink flowers and you are GOLDEN!

That is what the pictures would be saying if pictures could talk. And pictures can most defintely talk in my world. Like the picture of me in college wearing my old navy overalls - that pictures says "what the heck are you thinking and just how old are you?"

I digress.

Here are some happy, pretty housepictures to inspire us. Or me.

Its grey. It has cool pillows. Nuff said.

open shelving. So glad this trend is surfacing because it gives hope to all of us who are a church secretary and can't afford new cabinetry - but CAN afford an ikea kitchen island and perhaps even some cool artwork. This shall be my new kitchen inspiration.

Love the mirrors. PRetty much love everything. And the mirrors.

I like the cloud thing. I like the peaches as decorations. I LOVE the flowers. I like the pillows.

And that's all I ve got for today. Feeling very inspired to work on our sun room this weekend after reading a zillion "cottage living" magazines this weekend:) Update to follow!


  1. you look at pretty inspiring things. I think I like you. :)

  2. You speak my language. Pillows & mirrors & color splashes....there's never enough time for all the wonderful improvements to consider! Happy projecting!

  3. Okay...sorry but the gas pump I think the guy telling me to smile would have been his last words. Just saying. And it made me laugh. Love your inspiration...and yes, its all in the accesories that make a room for sure!


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