Friday, May 21, 2010

Ode to Burlington Coat Factory

Dear Burlington Coat Factory,

I used to think you were just a big, slightly ghetto store of coats in the middle of the Arizona desert. But you are not. You are an oasis of super cute decorating things and you might be my new favorite to Goodwill and the Gap...and the part of Nordstroms that has the cheaper clothes.

Because of you I know longer have an ugly fiberglass shower door...well, I do but now I have a cute grey and yellow shower curtain that covers this door.

I also found the cutest glass birds ever there. I bought two. I know birds are trendy and I will not even say that I liked them before they became cool - because I didn't. But then they kinda grew on me... I think elephants and owls are starting to take the place of birds because they seem to be everywhere, but I am not ready to give up the bird trend quite yet.

The birds kind of look like this:

I also found the holy grail of throw pillows. I have been searching for cute throw pillows - just two....but I found SIX that I could not live without. And I bought them all and I drove my husband crazy, but I told him I was making our house a home, which is probably my favorite thing to say when he questions a purchase. It is kind of cheesy but it is true. Who wants to sit on a big brown couch completely void of the color and sass that a perfectly placed throw pillow offers? Not I.

And I bought some art. That says "Love Deeply" and "Dream Big." Which is kinda cheese, but what am I if not a little bit cheesy? Plus I do think you should love deeply and dream big. So there.

Alright. This post would be so much better with a camera - but I think Josh is secretly wanting to get me a camera as gift for working on summer camp:) Right Josh?

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