Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flower thieves

So...these flowers are stolen. From my neighbor - who's backyard looks like the Garden of Eden. No joke. Sometimes I even see a man wandering around back there wearing a fig leaf.

Ok, no I don't. And if I did that would be scary and I would lock my doors.

But her bougainvilla plant is so awesome that it grows up her wall and down mine and provides my backyard with a tiny bit of life. I can not even get my own bougainvilla to stay alive. So I have to live vicariously through her green thumb.

Free flowers and a jar from the goodwill...further proof that some of the best things in life are free - or at least come significantly discounted.


  1. very shabby chic! :) I love that you use accents for the colors in your house! super cool & modern! :)

  2. We can't keep our bougainvilla alive either! I have absolutely no green thumb. I love how you decorate your house, it's beautiful!

  3. thank you ladies!

    And sarah I am glad you can relate! I married into a very "green thumb" family so I am hoping to learn a thng or two:)

  4. Hi! I just went through 2 other blogs and found your's! (Remodelaholic>Vintage Revivals> Your's!) lol I wanted to tell you that I just love your accent colors and those birds!Those flowers just make the other colors pop! :D


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