Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy fourth:)

Howdy folks. This last weekend Josh and I got to spend the weekend up north at a lovely little place called CHristopher Creek. We used to go here when I was little and we would hop rocks on the creek and be enamored by the green-ness. I am pretty sure this kind of looks like the place Josh grew up in a way - all that green - but I still think he was impressed:)

We had a great time playing spades, catch and uno and eating. Oh the eating. I tried to be good. But my goodness, I had some southwestern tortilla soup that just about changed my life and made me want to quit working and become a professional soup taster.

We did not have a good time sleeping. I called the beds taco beds because as soon as you got into them..the sides would pop up and you and your hub would roll to the middle for some forced cuddling. It was bad. And I like cuddling.

We went to a lookout near woods canyon and it was bea.u.tiful. I dont think some people know that Arizona has all this awesomeness but it does.

We also saw a bald eagle. Yep. On the fourth of July. How all american is that?

We then went to see the firworks in payson. I tried to take pictures of fireworks, but then realized I am a really bad photopgrapher when it comes to taking pictures of fireworks. Maybe next year:)

So that was our weekend. Super fun, but we are glad to be back home...and back to the gym:)

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  1. Taco Beds...oh you make me laugh! Loved the pic of you and Josh!


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