Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jar Goodness

Oh my. Just saw some fun pictures of mason jars on apartment therapy. Anthropologie did a whole display of mason jars. I am feeling inspired.

I think in my dream world I would work for Anthropolgie's merchandising department soaking in all the creative genius that seems to flow from that store. The could pay me in clothing and aprons and sweater clocks.

Sometimes I do not have the guts to pull off stuff like this. I feel like people would come over to my house and be like - why do you have a jar hanging from your ceiling? And then I would have to explain to them it's so much more than a jar. And they would be confused. Kind of like when you say a joke and are afraid no one gets it - so then you explain it and then it's no longer funny. Kind of like that.

Like when I wanted to title this blog post "Jar Jar Binks" but was afraid no one would understand the Star Wars/Jar reference.

Anyways back to jars. And how pretty they are.

I would kind of be worried one would fall on my head. But it's pretty.

Let there be light.

I want jars in my backyard now.

Jars make lentils and beans look adorable.


  1. you. are. awesome.
    and these displays have only grown your love affair for mason least I know what to get you for christmas now :)

    and yes. you should have named this post "jar jar binks"'s funny. I got it, and if that makes me a be it. :)

  2. Your blog makes me want to do something creative with mason jars too. Although I learned the hard way that a mason jar can handle one candle, but not two. With two candles they blow up. Just thought I'd share :)

  3. P.S. How did you make your blog header? I need to change mine and can't figure out how to do it!

  4. Jen - I am glad you get me:)

    Sarah - thank you for the tip. Don't put two candles in a mason jar. Noted.

    The blog header I made using a site called

    You can make a veritcal collage out of your favorite photos and then upload it on blogger as one image. You can also add text to your collage on picnik. It's way too much fun. LEt me know if you need more help!

  5. Check out "Today's Creative Blog" for some Mason Jar soap dispensing goodness. They are soap dispensers after my own heart. Never. Too. Many. Jars. Ever. Although hanging them from your ceiling might be a bit much.

  6. I don't know, I've seen the whole hanging them as light fixtures and I like it! Hey, how about as porch lights. My sis had mason jars full of flowers at her wedding and was able to hand them out to people at the end. Lindsey, I bet you could make a whole blog about mason jar...yes, you are close.

  7. I saw this post on mason jar cupcakes and thought of you! I saw in on a girl's blog from my church, and the original post at


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