Sunday, July 18, 2010

School Houses Rock

I seriously am wanting to transform my kitchen to whatever it is now (not that cute) to schoolhouse chic.

I am not even sure that a schoolhouse can be chic....but I would give it my best.

I saw some lockers today in a magazine and I think I fell in love. A little bit.

I imagine myself finding the perfect vintage lockers that I hunt down on craislist and repaint.

Red apples.

Mason jars full of pencils (ya gotta have mason jars).

Chalkboard paint backsplash.

Somewhere my old holly hobbie tin lunch box could make an appearance.

Old framed artwork that Josh and I did when we were little.

Maybe some old flashcards on the inside of the cupboard doors.

But the lockers would be the best part. I loved having a locker when I was a teenager. I would decorate it at the beginning of every year. I would stay up the night before school started cutting things out of magazines to put in my locker. And now I could decorate a locker as an adult!

It's gonna happen. Even if I have to go steal some lockers from a school at midnight while wearing pantyhose on my head.

Ok, well I probably won't take it that far. Probably...

Here's some inspiration:)

Seriously love the globe and I think I could find that clock pretty easy. And yes, those blue lockers are full of locker awesomeness.

Lunch trays. Oh heavens that is cute. And I did just say oh heavens. Like an old lady.

And how cool are those edison light bulbs? I have absolutly no where I could put that. But a girl can dream can't she?

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  1. you'd be fun to hunt for deals and steals at thrift stores with.. Sorry I'm commenting on all your posts. I like how you organize pictures about what you're talking about....I need to learn this.


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