Wednesday, August 4, 2010

pantrys and baking soda

So, this summer Josh and I have been living on a steady diet of Otter Pops. They are 100 for $3 at your nearest Wal Mart - (80 for $8 at Costco - so don't buy them there! And yes, I have comparison shopped Otter Pops.)

Anyways, if you happen to spill a drop on your white laminate countertops the stain of Sir Isaac Grape is there - for.ev.ver (must be said like in Sandlot).

409, water, soap, BLEACH, did not get these stains out. I guess we were just going to have to get new granite countertops? Yes, I think that is obviously the best solution:)

But then, I had Josh google stain removal tips and he came back with Baking Soda paste. Just baking soda and water - so I tried it and holy cow it removed everything!

I am sure they teach this in wife school but I must have missed it.

Also I did scrub using the dollar store version of the Magic Eraser. Worked great! I couldn't stop scrubbing, scrubbed my shower and then some baseboards. I was kind of going crazy - but everything was looking so clean!

So moral of the story.

Baking Soda + Water = will clean anything
Dollar store magic erasers = awesome ( the name brand versions are like $5!)
Otter Pops: they are good, cheap and 20 calories.

Ok and speaking of all have GOT to see this pantry. It's just a little bit ridiculous.

I saw this on the House of Smiths blog and let me tell you this lady is awesome. She says she doesn't even have a junk drawer. Truly admirable!

I like the way she thinks about every little part of her home as being cute. She even likes her garage! I think I write rooms off and say "oh it's supposed to be not cute because it's just the laundry room" but, now I am challenged to go beyond that and see the potential for pretty in every little nook.

Ok, enough of me - more pantry goodness.

Here it is. In all it's pantry glory.

Look - her spice packets are in a labeled box. So, pretty.

and I thought my tupperware plastic baking containers were cute...

Anyways, defintely check out her blog sometime because it is great!


  1. Muh-hahaha I am totally sitting here blogging......eating an otter pop! I will have to try your tip sometime girl! Talk to you later

    Love your guts

  2. i just found your blog and find your writting truly admirable.
    enjoyed it very much.
    Krista Narvesen


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