Friday, August 20, 2010

Look what I found Fridays

My blogging friend Mandi does a linky party called "Look what I found Friday" - so this week I am joining in:) This is where you post all your thrift store finds for the week. IF you go on a weekly basis. Pbsh. Who does that? :)

Anyways, last week was 50% off at Goodwill and boy did I go crazy. And by crazy I mean I spent like $20. But that feels like crazy at the Goodwill. The craziest part would be me strapping my antique rocking chair to the back of my honda by myself in 110 degree heat. Oy vey. Why did I think I could fit a rocking chair in my car? Love is blind people. It really is.

Here are my finds from last week!

Ok these are some bookends someone was giving away at work. At least I think someone was giving them away...they were in the general area of free stuff, so I partook. I knew they would look lovely with some yellow spray paint with a little of the old silver peeking out. Petina? Is that the fancy word for that? they are. Hopefully no one at work is missing their bookends.

And here is the rocking chair that will someday go in our sun room on top of this ikea rug....which I have been in love with since I saw it in the Ikea catalog, and then the House of Smiths blog, and then I went to Ikea to visit it and it was lovely. Someday. It will be mine.

Ok...back to the rocking chair. $15. I am going to recover it with some fun fabric and paint it:) I think it has potential...underneath the pet hair and itchy indian fabric.

And I saw a bag of really pretty marbles. And I decided right then and there - I liked marbles. Who knew? So I bought them...$1. And I put them in this cool looking jar .50 cents. It should be noted that I broke the first jar I picked out. Yep all over the floor of Goodwill. Hi embarrassing. Luckily, I went back and they had the same exact jar. I think God wanted me to have it.

And last but not old algebra book. I just thought it was interesting. Turquoise and yellow and old. Plus - if you keep math books casually lying about - you look very smart...or nerdy...oh well.

So there you go! If you want to check out Mandi's blog, she has some fun projects she has done that might inspire you!


  1. LIN! I have been going through withdrawls without my bbff!!! Love your junk, that chair is sweet and I love the ikea fabric, I made my sis a pillow with it... Don't laugh but I was so excited to talk to you I am sitting in the walmart parking lot right now and it's 106. That's how mug I love you! Also I know I'm not supposed to play favorites but it would be sweet if you won!!!

    Love your guts

  2. oh my goodness LOVE the book ends! looks 1000 times better and so beautiful! loving your posts on your house, lindsey! :)

  3. I too LOVE the bookends! You'll have to post a picture of your rocking chair once you've painted it. I want to repaint mine but I'm not brave enough. I feel like I need to start with something simpler, like a piece of plywood or something lol.

  4. P.s. I just gave you a lovely blog award. Because you are lovely, so go to my blog and get the info!

    love your guts

  5. LOVE all of your finds! Makes me want to go to goodwill right now. And that rocking chair...will be perfect! I can see it. :) Can't wait to see you in a few months!


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