Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nebraska and nephews

Well, this weekend I went to see my sis in Nebraska. Oh Nebraska, when other kids were going off to California or Disney World for vacations - our family would load up the mini van and drive 24 hours to my grandparents farm. I definitely have a special place in my heart for the family road trip.

But, over the years the mini van has been replaced with a plane. Although, my mother still takes the liberty of using my shoulder as a pillow...some things never change.

And my sister met her one true love in Nebraska so now we go visit Grandma AND my sister and nephews and all that good stuff.

Oh and my sister. She is as Nebraska as they come. She has a garden and flowers and chickens and corn and cows and horses and cans her own vegetables. She is all things domestic and I think she could be BFF with the Pioneer Woman.

Here are some highlights...mostly all of my nephews.

pootie # 1 (sometimes I refer to babies as pooties. It's very lame)

More of Pootie # 1, or Clator Tow-mater, Tater', Future Cornhusker....

Gotta love Wrangler booties. And creepily taking picture of said booties.

One of my favorite little cowboys.

Newest little cowboy - baby Callan. MUFFIN. A serious muffin.

Life is good when you can spend your days swinging in your underwear.

I forgot how fun bubbles are. Very fun. Tried to do some fun editing with this one. Wish I could edit in his right eyeball. Oh well! It adds to his mystique.

Crew pondering the deeper things in life. And by deep I mean, thinking about the next time he will take a FLYING leap off the top of the couch barely missing his four-month old brother.

Oh Crew. Boys will be boys:)

My sister's flowers and some fun lighting.

Alright...I didn't even post pictures of our tomato picking adventures and the fun antiques I got - but this post is getting very picture heavy! I took tons of pics with my new camera and edited a few of my faves:)

I think I will have to do more highlights later. I fear though that I am turning in to the church missionary who would come into your Sunday school class and show you all the pictures of their trip to Mozambique for an hour. And pass around a random woven basket that they got there. Am I that guy?


  1. Mozambique....who knew how to spell that. You are so funny...and I'm so impressed with your pictures! You are such a fun aunt...and you can feel free to come over and steal my pooties anytime!

  2. by the way the boy in the swing in his like Josh at that age. ;)

  3. Wow! I love your pictures! What kind of camera do you have? I have been desperately wanting to upgrade my camera! Looks like you had an amazing time in Nebraska :)


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