Thursday, August 26, 2010

Off to Nebraska

Going here this weekend:

Gonna hold these little guys:

Who do things like this:

Really want to be wearing:

will probably be doing way too much of this:

I'll definitely be missing these:


  1. Oh my gosh! You are too funny!
    I feel like all YOU popular girls want to talk to ME! I'm just thrilled! :)

    And I'm DYING over that picture of your little boy peeing in that grass... HILARIOUS!

    I have all girls, and my boy nephew peed standing up yesterday (he's 4) and you should have SEEN my girls's faces. HAHAHA>
    They were like... "What the HECK! is that thing! and why does HE get to stand UP and pee!?" LOL LOL.

  2. I always wanted a picture of myself eating a sandwich too!! ;) Boys are awesome like that...when you have two sometimes they pee on each other! Have a great time...all I remember about Nebraska is a bunch of cow farms and a ton of wide open spaces!


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