Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pumpkins, flowers, etc.

Ok - so I promised myself I would not ever start out a blog like "sorry I haven't written in awhile"

but if I had NOT made that promise, that is what I would be starting this blog out with.

Anyways. Moving on.

Life has been lovely in the Stamm house.

It is fall and that makes me happy. Boots and sweaters and belts and all things cozy are calling to me.

They are not calling to me very loud because it is still 100+ degrees here in Phoenix....but they are whispering. And I can hear them.

This has been a fun season for us. We recently said adios to our cable (and $70 per month cable bill) and I feel that has been really good for the creative side of me.

Instead of watching hours of Real Housewives - (please don't judge!) I have been challenged to fill up my time cooking (the people at subway were starting to recognize us), actually DOING decorating (instead of watching countless shows on the topic:)) and learning a new hobby of digital scrap booking, which has changed my life just a little bit. I also have a feeling this new hobby will make football season a little easier on me!

Also, I am kind of into fabric, sewing, hot gluing lately. Loving these little rosettes and am working on making some headbands/necklaces for myself and some other ladies (and babies) in my life.

I made two necklaces last night and even some rosettes out of kleenex at my desk today. I must be stopped. I am turning everything into rosettes.

I got inspired after seeing the countless tops this season with flowers attached to them. I quickly realized my budget would not allow for a new wardrobe of 3-d flower clothes - so I am bringing the 3-d flowers to my clothes.

I feel like these flowers could be the new puffy paint. Speaking of puffy goodness did I used to love me some puffy paint clothing. Wow. Here is an example of puffy paint clothing in case you were a MUCH cooler ten year old than I was and did not rock this look.

I really want a sewing machine for my birthday (josh?? Mom?? Dad??) so that I can sew even more. And by "even more" I mean "at all." Because all I have done is hot glued. Yes, I wore a necklace held together by hot glue. So embracing that.

I have some adorable visions of quilts in my head and also some throw pillows. Which sound much more do-able than a quilt at this point considering it takes me about 20 minutes to thread a needle.

Well, that's life as of lately.

Haven't done a TON of new decorating because well, I have been scrapbooking and hot gluing.

I did get some sweet jars for my pantry at half off day at goodwill and I did add some fun new square shelves to our living room - which I am so loving. I will post soon on that transformation.

I leave you with the cutest little pumpkins you ever did see. Might just have to steal this idea and paint myself a polka dotted pumpkin. Polka dotted pumpkin is fun to say. That's why I keep typing it....but really. I love these.


  1. "but they are whispering. And I can hear them."--hahahaha

  2. "making some headbands/necklaces for myself and some other ladies (and babies)"--and ladies OF babies???

  3. "Yes, I wore a necklace held together by hot glue." amazing. just amazing. i had respect for you before, lindsey yentes-stamm. but now my friend...oh my.

  4. Those pumpkins are AWESOME! Love all your finds...seriously...I need to get more domestic! Can't wait to see your place!

  5. Did I miss the directions on how to make the little flowers??? LOVE it pinned on your shirt and I am sure, even though hot glued, that the necklace was adorable also!


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