Friday, October 1, 2010

Ghetto Fab Tee Shirt Bag

So, I am not the proud owner of a sewing machine. Getting older does indeed have its perks!

I am soooo far from being the next (um...insert name of famous sewer - betsy ross?) but am having fun annoying my husband by sewing him super ghetto random items insisting he uses them. Because everyone needs a call phone slipcover made out of damask fabric. Especially a man.

Anyways, tonight, in ten minutes I made a wonderful tote bag out of a tee shirt!

Now - I am certainly not going to be carrying this bag with me to the mall - but I think I could make a small bag for my husbands lunch or make some bags to carry groceries in!

There's just something so satisfying about carrying something you have sewn. You feel like Mrs. Duggar, I mean minus the 18 kids and all.

Anyways, all you do is cut off the sleeves of an old tee shirt. Then cut a bigger neckline. THEN sew up the bottom of the shirt. And voila....ghetto fab tee shirt bag!

Good for the environment and also for the decluttering of tee shirt drawers everywhere.


  1. Thank you Lindsey, for inspiring me to dig through our closets & find old t-shirts out of which to make tote bags. I can see this being a big problem around here! ;)

  2. haaa! These are awesome! Love the idea! too fun!

  3. I want one!!! Christmas present ideas?????

  4. Josh does not LOVE his old t-shirts recycled as lunch tote bags???? I'm shocked...

  5. I think they are super cute and WOULD carry it to the mall. Reuse and Recycle is always a good thing :)

  6. OMgoodness! This is the best idea EVER! With three growing kids, I always have t-shirts around here. I'm so trying this tomorrow! Thanks for the great idea!


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