Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lumpy Pillow Refashion

Last night I had the itch to sew. Not knowing what to sew and running out of fabric fast, I began to scour the house for something I could transform.

Or TRY to transform.

I landed on these chenille throw pillows.

(dont judge my lack of baseboard...that's another project!)

My mother in law bought us these because Josh really loves chenille. (And just to defend his manliness I will tell you that chenille is the only type of fabric he knows the name of.)

Anyways, as you can see we have been huge fans of these pillows. We have used them quite a bit. Josh even packs these up if we go out of town. Ha. That's how much this man loves chenille my friends.

But now they are left looking a bit lumpy and sad. Not wanting to get rid of them (hoarder alert), I attempted to refashion them. Loved their golden harvest-y color and thought they might make a lovely pumpkin. (These days, if I am not spray painting things...I am turning them into pumpkins).

Well, it took a few tries - and I am sad to say a complete and total "I suck at everything crafty" pity party for myself until I came up with this.

Which I think is a halfway decent pillow turned pumpkin.

Should you be interested into turning your old lumpy pillows into a stuffed vegetable, it's really quite simple.

I cut open the entire pillow like so.

Then I sewed the edges back up and made a gathering stitch at the bottom.

I stuffed it back up with it's old stuffing, put a rubberband at the top (I told you I am a bad seamstress) and wrapped a ribbon around it like I was wrapping a gift. Twine would also work and may look a bit more natural than plaid ribbon...but it is what it is:) I added some harvest bling and stuck a stick in the top for a stem. Voila. Lumpy pillow turned pumpkin.

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  1. Okay:
    1. Your welcome for the koala info.
    2. That is pretty cool that we share a verse. I'll get a tattoo if you do. Deal?
    3. You are the craftiest person I know. Seriously, mad props for that pumpkin.

  2. What a fun way to transform one item into another! Great idea! And so festive for fall!


  3. You are so creative! I just threw out two pillows that would have made wonderful vegetables!

  4. This is adorable! Great idea! :)
    See some refashioning projects I did using an old sweater.. gotta love thrify fall decorations!
    Heather ~

  5. Love it! You are more crafty than you think! :)

  6. I am so impressed!! I think that its awesome and you are super crafty lady! Also I gave you an award on my blog today cause I love you!


  7. What a great place you have here, Lindsey. I've been wanting to try these. Thanks for the inspiration!


  8. i used to feel like my comments mattered. but now that i'm comment #8, i kind of just feel like a groupie.

    regardless, i love you, linds, and i love your pillow-turned-pumpkin.

  9. OH MAN! You are sooooooo amazing. What the heck...I'm shaking in my boots for our ornament exchange. This is awesome


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