Thursday, January 6, 2011

I heart organization

"A place for everything and everything in it's place"

I think that shall be my motto for 2011. I soo admire people who do not even have one junk spot in their house. Or not one file maked "Misc." Why can't I be one of them?

I am so not organized. But lately I have been in the mood to TOSS like none other.

Scrapbook supplies from the late 90s? See ya.

Wedding decorations I used more than a year ago? Buh bye.

Weird spraypainted candleabra from goodwill? Be gone!!

Seriously - it is sooo freeing not to be bogged down by stuff. I am so guilty of holding on to something because "we might need it later" but I am going to ask myself these questions

* Is it costing me more to store this item than it will be to replace it if I need it?
* do I love this item?
* Do I have duplicates of this item?

My husband is SUCH a minimalist and he challenges me to live with less, which is great for this potential future hoarder. (seriously, have you SEEN that show? It makes me want to clean)

Anyone have any good organization tips that they swear by? This is new to me and I need help!

And as always - pictures to inspire.


  1. Um... #1 - LOVE Izze drinks! #2 - Those pen/pencil holders are adorable. #3 - Those labeled boxes are so freaking cute. I love that idea but have nowhere to duplicate it.

  2. as an encouragement, i wanted to point out that even little miss "hair, skin, face," etc. girl has a "stuff" box. there. you're doing GREAT, linds. =)

  3. I love getting rid of stuff. We live in tight quarters here in SF, so space is super valuable. Every season I try to go through my closets/drawers/cabinets and purge anything I haven't used in the past 6 months. For sentimental things I allow myself a small box. (a dating box, wedding box, etc) That way I don't allow myself to go overboard. I love to decorate for the holidays, so I have to really limit myself to how much I store for only a short time. Again 1 box, if I want something new, I need to get rid of something else. Decorating with real things (flowers, garland, xmas tree) is worth so much since I don't have to store it all year long! I get really excited about creating a space that's useful and serves it's purpose! Yay for organizing!

  4. I feel pretty good that I matched up all my girls socks in their drawers today...there's something rewarding about getting organized! And we watch that show too! I hope I never hold on to too much stuff! Another garage sale is happenning someday soon around here if you're interested in trying to sell your stuff instead of tossing it!

  5. this your house? Or pics to inspire you to be organized? Because, you look REALLY organized if this is your house. And ps, I love the wine bar...looks so pretty!

  6. omg no I wish this wads my house!! I am so not as cool as any of these pictures...haha. they are to inspire. ME included!


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