Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The nook

My sophomore year of college I decided to live with two girls I had never met. Not the greatest idea I ever had, but I was up for an adventure. We shared one room in the coolest dorm ever....here.

Don't you feel like that is straight out of a movie? I loved that dorm.

Anyways, when I get to move in day, one of my new roommates had taken over HALF of the room with a spot she liked to call "the nook".

I am not kidding when I say half of the room was taken up by her nook. This spot contained her desk and a fridge and her bed all covered by a little curtain. Oh and she had conveniently placed her bed next to the room's only window. Me and my other roomie Yolanda (yes, her name was Yolanda ) were relegated to a set of bunk beds in the corner. No fridge. No curtain. No window. It was sad. why didn't WE get a nook?

Needless to say I didn't live with nook worm for too long. And now I have created my own nook. In my own home. And it is nook-tastic. It might be the nookiest of all nooks and it is all mine. And Josh's. But something tells me I won't see my 6"5 man sitting on a window seat with his head propped up on a pillow covered in hot pink flowers.

Anyways, here it is in all it's nook glory. Isn't it lovely?

This was kind of an awkward space in our house to begin with.

You may remember it sporting the doily curtains straight from a 1986 JC Penney catalog.

I always thought it had cool potential. With our nook, it looks dreamy. Like I will sit on that window seat and ponder deep things and read books by Jane Austen. (reality check: it will probably be US weekly).

I added this old desk to the entry way. This was a goodwill treasure from back in the day. Note the crooked drawers. Oy vey.

But crooked drawers and all, it's kind of my favorite spot right now.

The curtains give a very fort-like feel. And I am all about forts. I may need to sew some fabric to the bottom of these babies so the other curtains in our house don't make fun of them for being highwaters and start asking them where the flood is.

I may also need to add some fun artwork. We shall see. Everything is a work in progress around here.

But truth be told, if I waited till everything was perfect this blog would get updated even less!

So, that's the nook and my latest little project.


  1. super love that nook! So jealous! Hmmm, maybe I need to figure out a fun artsy flower photo thats cool at the same time to go with your manly hubby. ;p

  2. Oh my gosh, I love the curtain and paint choice. The space looks so much bigger than it did before! Love!

  3. As I remember Dad and I came up to Flag and promptly moved you out of the nook hogs room!!! Love your nook and I love you too.

  4. That is indeed the niftiest nook I have seen in a loooooooong while. Well done.

  5. Great idea! Love it! Glad you have a blogg :) Looking forward to what you have next!

  6. Your nook is awesome! The things you are doing to your house are so gorgeous and cool. I love the curtains/fortness of it. I'm just in awe of your style.


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