Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgving yumminess.

Josh and I had a lovely thanksgiving. I mean, it was really great. I saw a "say yes to the dress" episode where they said the word "lovely" was a way to tell people something is lame, but when I say lovely I mean it in the nicest way. Lovely is too great of a word to strip it of its meaning and turn it into something mean.

I digress though.

I was very excited to use my new kitchen gadgets....mainly

1. food processor
2. kitchen aid mixer
3. cute pie plate shaped like a pumkin (not a gadget but dang cute and I was excited to use it)

Now for those of you don't know the amazingness of a food processor - let me enlighten you. It basically takes large hard to chop up chunks and turns them into something yummy and small. Now, if I were a pastor I would probably say that there is some sort of spiritual parallel there, but I am not a pastor - I am just a girl with an unhealthy obsession with shredded cheese.

So anyways with my processor I made a cran-apple crumble. It got great reveiws despite having both coconut and cranberry in it....neither of which I am a huge fan. But actually I thought it turned out pretty good! Josh liked it too even though he remained firm in his hatred to cranberries. I think I won him over by covering them in sugar.

Next came the rolls. Now, I found this recipe online at a site I kind of like. Not for any good reason other than it has a cute page design and lots of pictures. Here is the site if you are curious...

Anyways, the rolls were ok. I was not thrilled...I do believe a better roll recipe awaits me. But, I think they looked cute and I also got practice cooking with yeast and of course, got to let the bread rise - which I have always thought was cool ever since my dad used to make us bread when we were little.

Here is a picture of me with the rolls.

And here is a picture of Josh with the rolls. Apparently, in my world - rolls are the perfect photo prop. Josh helped me butter and salt the rolls so he gets his picture with them. He looks cute too

Next up was the cranberry jelly. I think I like cranberry jelly not for the taste, but for the color. It is so dang pretty.

Breathtaking I know. Anyways, cranberry jelly is really fun to make. I ended up putting it in a mason jar so it looked like legit jelly. Later I broke the mason jar in half by trying to microwave it, but that is a story for another time.

Well, those are just some fun thanksgiving day events. Of course the day was spent with family eating and also trash talking about who's gingerbread house was better, but I may blog about that later:) Just wanted to get some updates on here documenting some cooking goodness.

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  1. I loved the cranberry jelly for the flavor & the fact that you made it! Since my mom & grandma that hasn't happened.


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