Friday, July 16, 2010

New Look

Ok - so sometime yesterday (while josh was at the gym) I got really, really obsessed with trying to get the damask background off my page. And then I thought maybe I could make a cool picture to go up in the header which made me obsess further.

And then I discovered bloggers new template designer and holy cow, that just about made me forego sleep all together.

Anyways, still trying to figure a few things out, I am so far from a web designer it's not even funny - but wanted my blog to look a little better and I needed a better name than "josh and lindsey!"


  1. Oh my goodness, you are awesome! Loving the new look!! Isn't the new blogger template designer awesome? :)

  2. Yes! It was soo bugging me having a giant picture of josh and I - so I was glad! Thanks Steph:)

  3. I LOVE this! Cool perfect! And now maybe you could show me how to change my template too!!

  4. Thanks Kate! I can show you:) It's really fun - you may get addicted!


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