Saturday, July 17, 2010

To market to market to buy some fresh produce

So today my friend Daphne and I decided to hit up a farmer's market in Mesa. It was awesome! So many good deals and fresh produce. And yes, I am at a stage in my life where produce deals excite me.

I got all this for $10. Yeah. Crazy. In case you are wondering, shortly after this picture was taken I stacked all those apples minute to win it style in like 3 seconds. Try it. It's fun.

So it's a ton of fruit...but I think we will use it all.

Even if I only got the limes for decorative purposes...can't you just see them sitting so lovely in a mason jar or a clear vase?

Oh I can.

SIDENOTE: Ever since my dad gave me a box of old mason jars from their attic last week - I've been putting every thing I can into them and calling it a decoration. Stack of rubberbands? Put it in a mason Jar. Handful of dirt? Mason jar it. That's right - it's at the point where mason jar has turned into a verb around here.

Basically pile of anything + mason jar = decoration.

I must be stopped.

All right - this blog post has quickly changed from my day at the farmer's market to why I love mason jars.

Are you tired of reading the word mason jar? I feel like I've typed it about a million times.

On that note, I am off to attempt some salsa...which I really struggle with. Anyone have any good salsa recipes? I feel like an Arizona native should be able to make her own salsa, but so not the case here.


  1. you seriously crack me up...mason jar = verb. you're just funny...look up chili's salsa recipe on's good stuff and tastes pretty dang close to the all you can eat chips + salsa at chili's...mmmm :)

  2. hahahahahaha. mason jar.

    i love you, linds. AND i miss you. i'm coming back to az on tuesday. let's make a date. =)

  3. I would love that writelyso! Are you free Thursday night? Anyways, we can talk later. I am sure commeting on my blog isn't the best way to communicate:)

    And thanks JEn! I will check out this web site you speak of. How hard can salsa be??

  4. ...handful of dirt. Hilarious. Maybe your first kid should be named Mason. Or not. I've lived in Mesa for 7 years and haven't found a deal this good on produce...where is this??

  5. Kate - the market is on Main and Greenfield, it's called "Superstition Ranch Market" you should defintely try it:)

    I actually do really like the name mason!

  6. best salsa ever.


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