Monday, August 23, 2010

7 things:)

Ok - I have been tagged to do one of those "7 things" posts on 7 things people may or may not know about you.

Here goes!

1. I am passionate about cheap decorating. I have a theory that boring decorations cost more than cute, original ones. I will spend my life trying to prove this by buying all the cheap crap I can and spray painting it.

2. I think Ikat print is my favorite decorating trend right now. Oh my goodness. I want to buy a million feet of this and cover my house in it. Although, that would be a lot of leftover fabric...

Oh and this is Ikat. I totally would have no clue what it is except for the textiles class I took in college. Isn't it lovely and fun?

3. I just now today started following Pioneer Woman. And I call myself a blogger?Pioneer Woman is like the New York Times of the blogging world. I need to get educated!

4. Barnes and Noble is my happy place. In college I would spend countless hours at Barnes with my BFF Mel. We would pretend to study but would really just get double chocolate chip frapachinos and read magazines and talk and watch the snow fall. It was awesome.

Here is a pic of Mel and I NOT at Barnes but at my rehearsal dinner last November. Pay no attention to how tan I am. I am about 15 shades lighter without the spray tan.

5. I have been married 9 months to my BFF Josh. Who I love dearly. I mean seriously, sweetest, hottest, funniest man alive.

We're so in love we just make out not even caring that 11 people are staring at us:)

6. Speaking of Josh. He wants to use the computer. Meaning my 7 things is really only 6.5 and I will now spend the rest of the evening cleaning my kitchen and watching HGTV:)

7. Goodnight!


  1. pioneer woman just did a post on mason jars and i thought of you right away :)

  2. Oh my, I saw the same thing! I was going to ask you if you followed her, but now I see that you do :) Isn't she GREAT?!?

  3. I'm with you on spray painting cheap stuff. That's one of my all time favorites!


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